Firespiral Loyalty Scheme

Firespiral Loyalty Scheme
We are really proud of our Fledgling scheme which is designed to support and enable new wrappers, but equally we wanted to make sure that we showed how much we care for our existing customers; those of you who already know how wonderful it is to wrap your baby!
We’d like to introduce our loyalty scheme; we had all sorts of ideas about redeemable points and the like, but we’ve tried to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible. So here it is!


Firespiral loyalty scheme…

  • For every 3 purchases of £80 or more that you make within the current rolling 12 month period you can claim a free gift

  • The gifts are automatically selected at random from a box full of goodies- some are ‘virtual’, others are real things! They vary in value and that box has some seriously cool stuff in it…

  • The scheme will be backdated to the 15th Feb 2015 (when our current website went live), so if you have already made 3  purchases above £80 since then, you will automatically qualify for a free gift!

Visit our Loyalty Scheme page on our website to read the terms and conditions and to claim your free gift.



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